Walking Dead: Are Rick and Daryl Unkillable?


The Walking Dead: Season 5 midseason finale is quickly approaching and it looks as if Rick and team are again approaching a clash with another group. We had the opportunity to speak with The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd recently about what we can expect from the big installment before the break. During the course of our conversation, we touched on the "if they die we riot" characters on the series, and the idea that they truly are unexpendable.

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ceballos77mx2119d ago

Of course they are the ones that sell more merchandise.

Michonne included.

feedthereaper2118d ago

Daryl yes, because of the fanbase. It could be detrimental to the ratings if he died which is more important to the network than saving drowning puppies in rivers! He will only die if the actor says he wants to leave the show.

Rick, not so much. I think Carl will be forced to kill him eventually. And he has a mixed fanbase of those that love him and those that are fed up of him. I think he could be the killer twist in the tale that nobody is expecting when they want to really get people talking about the show. To kill off the lead role the show is based around would be a huge shocking finale twist if they wanted a huge ratings success for a future season 6 or 7.

The biggest reason they are definitely killable though is that when an actor or actress gets huge success on a show like this, they are flooded with acting and tv work from other areas and actors have this horrible tendency to want to stretch their acting skills with other roles that push them which is great for them and their careers, but terrible for shows like The Walking Dead that rely on long term commitments and fans that want their favourite characters to go on forever. The longer Andrew Lincoln stays, the more successful the show becomes, the bigger the salary he can command from the network (which pushes them towards getting rid of him) and the more work offers he will receive to lure him away from the show.

I would imagine this new spin-off series to focus on a mix of characters right from the start with a new rule book rather than focus on one main character like the comic book is based on. This way NOBODY is safe by being the lead role and they can keep salaries down by not being held to ransom by "Stars" of the show who are indespensible, while keeping fresh blood coming while exhausting characters or getting rid of fan-hated ones whenever they like.

The Spin off show, because of the lack of Comic material to be forced to base it on, could potentially be bigger and much better than the original Walking Dead show. It might just need 2 or 3 series to fully get fans on board and loving it, and when its succeeding with similar ratings and much more curveballs because comic fans can't predict the outcomes or plots of the show, then it will be in a strong position to take the show for many more series while The Walking Dead, in a position where it could look too linear to the comic book and its "indespenbile" characters, could be facing some seriously big character exits in shock twists to keep fans engaged in both shows at once.