Blade Runner Sequel To Film In 2015, Harrison Ford Returning, But Ridley Scott Isn't Directing

CB: In an interview with Variety, Blade Runner director Ridley Scott revealed that the film’s sequel will begin filming next year, and that Harrison Ford will be a part of it.

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RetrospectRealm2135d ago

Story within a story rule here. Original was about the Exodus movie, but this was buried in it. I can add Variety as a Credit URL if need be.

04roacht2135d ago

probably should ad Variety as a Credit URL :D

-Foxtrot2135d ago

Really, he's doing a Blade Runner sequel after all these years but he's not going to direct.

Come if it sucks we know what people will blame it on.

Garethvk2134d ago

It is due to him being needed to get Prometheus 2 out. This was always a question as both scripts are ready to go but there was debate over which would be done first. Now he is free to get P2 out in 2016 and oversee this as well.

MilkMan2134d ago

No Ridley, no watching. Sorry bro.