Ten Reasons Why Cinema Will Survive Technology

WC: We now live in an age where the sentences “I’m just going to watch it online”, “But it’s such a rip-off”, and “I’ll just wait until it’s on Netflix” are uttered regularly when conversations arrive at the topic of cinema and new film releases.

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StarWarsFan2524d ago

I think cinemas will survive because of the whole experience, like music concerts. But I do think the industry should be more mindful and review pricing schemes to make sure it doesn't get out of hand when considering families and large groups. Balance is everything. The same can be said of cable/satellite: there needs to be more cost control, but I think the whole hype around online is a bit over-hyped. They make it sound like televisions are going to be replaced by laptops and mobile devices, but for how long can you watch the smallest screen possible without wanting a big TV.