Robert Kirkman Reveals His Biggest 'Walking Dead' Regret

THR: Robert Kirkman, No. 1 on The Hollywood Reporter's most powerful comics writers list, has one major regret about AMC's adaptation of his long-running The Walking Dead — and it's a big one.

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04roacht2137d ago

I think it was done at the right time.

Soldierone2135d ago

I think it was fair. At the time AMC wasn't really pushing the show, and it was not likely to get renewed. Then people loved it, so it was better to leave with a bang to grab that attention than to have some boring dull ending.

Plus they still dragged the idea on way too long the next season or two, so it doesn't make a difference. If anything, blowing up the actual CDC is the mistake, not the reveal.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2135d ago

I am okay with this. Since at the end of Season 2 Rick tells the group there all infected. The CDC I could only see being a mistake is if it was brought up later in a comic storyline which I doubt at this point.

WitWolfy2135d ago

Nah I hated the whole CDC episode. It never even happened in the comics.