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‘Gotham’ Central: “LoveCraft” Recap and Review | Entertainment Buddha

EB's Justin Ludwig writes, "Okay, the idea of Gordon being a security guard at Arkham Asylum is kind of a cool idea and is a breeding ground for more, yet to be introduced characters. Fine. I’d like that. What I didn’t like is an episode that is inconsistent in tone and pacing, teasing us with great character moments from characters that deserve to be filled out a little bit. Alfred gets more screen time and, in the first act, is a complete badass while he wields a deadly cane as a sword and is pinpoint accurate with a pistol. Alright, this is awesome! And then the second act shoehorns Ivy Pepper, who is very awkward, a wild goose chase that shoehorns the other on-going threads into the midseason finale, and a villain of the week that is even cornier than Fish Mooney!"

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