Constantine “Danse Vaudou” Review | Unleash the Fanboy

Unleash the Fanboy: "We’ve talked in weeks past about the precarious nature of this show with its time slot and ratings. Last week we got an emotional story that deserved attention. This week, the writers throw a couple of elements that drive the show a bit stronger. No, it’s not the demon/spirit of the week. It’s not the sexual tension between John and Zed. And it’s not the unstoppable, undead Chaz. This week we see the return of one of the strongest elements: Papa Midnite. His hate for Constantine (and everyone’s for that matter) drives this episode and introduces themes that power it from the undercurrent of subplots. No Manny this episode. But we did get the skeptic detective Jim Corrigan who added a bit of depth to the cast."

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