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Oscar Isaac to Play Villain in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

Variety: Oscar Isaac will be playing the titular comicbook villain in 20th Century Fox’s “X-Men: Apocalypse.”

Bryan Singer is back to direct with Simon Kinberg penning the script.

Singer has described the upcoming X-Men film, which is expected to feature all cast members including Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy, as the most destructive movie in the franchise.

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RetrospectRealm2195d ago

Damn this guy is really moving up. Star Wars and now X-Men? Good job man.

04roacht2195d ago

Not who I imagined they would go with but I think he is a sound choice. And yeah he has hit the goldmine on big movie roles now haha

Porcelain_Chicken2193d ago

He is a very good actor in my honest opinion. It's nice to see him getting recognised for it. As 04roacht says it's a sound choice indeed. Hope this movie blows my mind like DOFP did! :D

WizzroSupreme2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

Downey Jr. money here he comes.

DarkBlood2193d ago

Finally now the movie can be made sooner

MilkMan2193d ago

Good for you Oscar! I knew you could do it. All it takes is one good role sometimes. Im glad you're moving up.