Batman Vs Superman: 35 Revealing Images Every Fan Should See


It was only ever a matter of time before DC and Warner Bros. bumped their heads together and realised that Superman simply cannot do the business on his own at the box office, no matter what the quality of the film. In that respect we were always on a count-down to the big reveal that comic book fans would finally get to see the two biggest comic book icons of all time face-off in the Versus movie event to end all Versus movie events.

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04roacht2126d ago

they want me to click next 36 times? they are having a fucking laugh

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At least they don't pass off someone else's work as their own eh? Much more respectable site than another 1 or 2 I can think of.

I liked the post article and therefore posted

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HAHAHA That was a good one. :D

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Which site you referring too? I used to work for WhatCulture and they plagiarize and the editor Matt Holmes is crooked.

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if it's from whatculture and it has a number in it, forget it.