‘Gotham's’ Copperhead Debuts on Fox's Fall Finale

TheWrap: Larissa Diaz doesn't have a snake suit — or male parts — but she's got a gun

Gotham City has a new villain in town, with a completely different look — and gender — from the DC Universe's history books.

Larissa Diaz (Lesley-Ann Brandt) — aka Copperhead — is set to make her debut on Monday's fall finale, “Lovecraft.”

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WizzroSupreme2126d ago

Interesting that she's "copper skinned" this time around. They do seem to be staying true to Arkham Origins' take on her as a femme fatale though. Suppose that's interesting enough of a departure...assuming she even has much to do at all. Fear this is just more eye candy and less character like with Fish.

Kurylo3d2126d ago

Im not even going to give this poor excuse of a show a chance. Every idea in it just seems like they are reaching... u cant have batman without batman lol... and no bruce wayne does not come into contact with all the villains as a child lol