Star Wars Trailer Debut

Regal Theaters

This Friday, the world premiere of Star Wars Episode VII trailer will be revealed at select North America theatres.

Be one of the first to experience the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the following Regal locations. The trailer will debut before all movies starting November 28 - November 30.

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Emme2132d ago

Cant wait to see the sparkling Lucasfilm logo again :D Its been too long since Indy 4 !!!

strangeaeon2132d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

Seeing that logo and then hearing the thunderous opening for the Star Wars theme is truly a thing of magic, I feel like I am 9 years old again.

RetrospectRealm2132d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

That thunderous opening before the Star Wars logo and crawl was thunderous because of the 20th Century Fox horns though...

Flavor2132d ago

Remember what happened after that sparkly lucasfilm logo? A terrible movie!

MilkMan2132d ago

LMAO! Fuq otta here if you think im gonna wait in line to see a 88 second trailer. Those days are over bro. Ill see the real full fledged trailer. Not this BS.