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Christian Bale Talks Ben Affleck As Batman And Whether He Contemplated A Return

CBM: "I just stopped and stared into nothing for half an hour..." The Dark Knight Trilogy's Christian Bale talks here about learning that Ben Affleck had been cast as the Caped Crusader in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and reveals whether he ever considered reprising the role!

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ChrisW2359d ago

Bale is not a bad actor, but his snarling voice totally ruined the Dark Knight movies.

Affleck is also not a bad actor, and he will most likely not ruin the movie with a stupid snarling voice.

Soulscare2359d ago

Completely agree, The Dark Knight is an amazing film, but Bale made a terrible Batman. I'm sure I'll get a load of disagrees, but anyone who knows the Batman character outside of the Nolan films will know that he wasn't right. But this is more due to Nolan than Bale, the same goes for The Joker, Heath Ledger did a brilliant job, and the film was so good because of him, but it really wasn't a decent interpretation of The Joker. Again, The Dark Knight was nothing short of amazing, but it just wasn't a good Batman film.

RetrospectRealm2359d ago

Practically everyone knows Batman outside of the Nolan films. Lol He's quite popular you know.

Saying Bale was a bad Batman because of his voice is silly.

Soulscare2359d ago

@Retro, I'm not saying he's bad because of his voice, I'm saying he's bad because he didn't suit the role.

RetrospectRealm2359d ago

I was confused because ChrisW said the voice ruined it and you said you "Completely agree" with him.

Edito2359d ago

What are you talking about lol Bale is The Dark Knight...

Tiqila2359d ago

Bale easily beats Ben Affleck. This guy is so effeminate, he fits in bad love movies but not in a manly role such as batman.

Agent_hitman2359d ago

Ben Affleck as BATMAN, oh geez. Until now I cam't still beleive it.. Oh my