Star Wars: Threads of Destiny

94 years after The Battle of Yavin, the New Republic has been resurrected and democracy once again rules the galaxy. The Jedi Order is reestablished on the planet Yavin 4, and has continued to train new Jedi Knights in the art of peace and justice. But all is not peaceful in this new world.

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dieforgame1425d ago

For an amateur Fan Film this is top notch. The special effects are well done, though the same problem most fan films have shine through in the story and acting. It hits upon the clichés, and by the numbers, and the actors come across more than a little stunted, sounding a bit more like Live Action Roleplayers (LARPers).

kamper1425d ago

Key to understanding this movie is not to compare it with big budget studio productions

RetrospectRealm1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

What do I compare it to then? Other SW fan films?

In my opinion, if you can't get the best visual effects and acting for your story, then don't make the film. That would be my key.

Anyways, it's an average SW fan film. Good, but not great. A nice watch.

ChrisW1425d ago

I think what Kamper means is:

Key to understanding this movie is to not compare it to New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi...

Alduin1425d ago

The acting was below average, most of the graphics were done sub-par, and the story was predictable. Having said that I think overall this movie was ambitious and it tried to tell a new story. I liked it and look forward to seeing how this production group will make the next installment better.

WizzroSupreme1425d ago

Still as good as George Lucas's original vision.