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Extraterrestrial (2014) Review | FilmGamesEtc

When the concept of extraterrestrial life arises in regards to cinema, Predator, Alien and its sequels, E.T and Close Encounters of the Third Kind all come to mind as pioneers of that type of fiction. Each one portrays alien life in a vastly different way, Predator depicts aliens through use of a dangerous, action sensibility, yet Close Encounters of the Third Kind appeals to the sci-fi spectrum and a deep sense of exploration and connection. E.T explores the emotional connection between a boy and an alien, while the aptly named Alien revolves around survival and isolation, Ripley is the prey whilst the Alien is the hunter. Within those dire contrasts comes the realization that there is no straightforward ‘alien’ film, each acclaimed entry that deals with the topic matter has much deeper ideals, themes and philosophies of its own. Does Extraterrestrial take a thoughtful new approach to alien life, or does it simply try to cash in one of science fiction’s biggest appeals?

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