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BaTB Comic Podcast Ep. 13 - Marvel's Civil War and Deathstroke

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another sensational episode of Baby and The Beard weekly comic podcast! On this week’s show, Jaydon, Dane, and Matthew discuss all the latest in anything comic related including some big news on Captain America 3: Civil War as well as our featured character of the week, Slade Wilson himself, Deathstroke.

That’s not all we discuss this week, though. The BaTB team also brings you a detailed review on the new episodes of The Flash and Arrow as well as a discussion on what we feel is wrong with the Gotham show and what the writers could potentially do to fix it. We also bring you the latest in comic related news including ten new titles announced for DC Comics’ Convergence event, what’s to come the next couple months in Spider-Verse, Greg Berlanti talking about The Flash’s costume and whether or not we’ll see Gorilla Grodd again anytime soon or if we’ll see time travel this season, and much more.

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rbailey2528d ago

I was a big fan of how Deathstroke was used in Batman: Arkham Origins. The game as a whole still wasn't as good as the Rocksteady Arkham games but still very decent at the most.

WizzroSupreme2528d ago

Deathstroke was a game seller to me when he was first announced for Arkham Origins. Too bad his boss battle just amounted to dumb QTEs, let alone the fact that that was usually where the game glitched.