X-Men: A Hint As To Who Might Be Up For 'Apocalypse' In The Next Movie

CBM: Bit of an unusual one this! We don't actually have the actor's name, but during the latest Meet The Movie Press show, The Wrap's Jeff Sneider said he's heard of 3 thesps that are being looked at for the title role in X-Men: Apocalypse, and drops and hint about one of 'em...

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WizzroSupreme2529d ago

I remember people's fan theories that Magneto himself would've become the Apocalypse of this universe. Would've been interesting to have seen that come to pass.

If I could take any one actor to play our apparently comic hooky Apocalypse, then I'd have chosen Stargate's Christopher Judge. Few folks as intimidating as Teal'q.

NCAzrael2529d ago

Dude, I have been saying that for YEARS! Christopher Judge would be perfect for Apocalypse! There was an episode of SG-1 where Teal'q is facing away from the camera, turns to look over his shoulder, says something and grins. All he needed was the blue/gray skin, the line coming from his lips, and the symbol removed from his forehead, and it would have been a perfect Apocalypse moment.

GenericNameHere2529d ago

Is Gambit going to be in this movie? Does Channing Tatum even look like a teenager? And other than the first GIJoe, I've watched zero of his movies. Can he do a good, if not at least okay, Cajun accent?

And having Apocalypse be the baddie so early is crazy. Hoping Psylocke makes her big screen debut in this movie. Get her established now rather than later with the X-Force movie. Doubtful they'll ever use her awesome costume in the 90s, with that one piece clothing muy CALIENTE!

NCAzrael2529d ago

This would be the sixth actual X-Men movie (not counting Wolverine's solo stuff, and unfortunately counting the abysmal X3), so "early" is kind of a stretch, isn't it? Besides, if they do the movie right, Apocalypse won't just go away. They could defeat him, he'll make an escape and go off somewhere to hide and tend to his wounds, and come back years later to make more trouble.

One thing I hope to see when they do finally get around to rebooting the franchise (which I hope isn't for a while, as I actually like the cast they are using now) is less focus on Magneto, and more focus on the numerous villains they haven't even touched upon.

GenericNameHere2528d ago

First Class, Origins, the original trilogy, The Wolverine, and the future scenes in DOFP are the old timeline. FC and the past scenes in DOFP, and soon Apocalypse, are the new "reboot" timeline.

In this new timeline, Scott and Jean are still in their teens, and there are probably only a few mutants recruited so far. Definitely too early to take on Apocalypse in this new timeline. But then again, they did manage to kill Azazel and control the Sentinels also this early.