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Batman V Superman – 10 Things That Could Totally Ruin It


A lot of people got excited when Batman V Superman was announced, proclaiming it to be an ‘Avengers Killer’. But that doesn’t mean this was a universal belief. In fact, most of us were sat there with our heads in our hands, questioning how something like this could ever happen.

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WizzroSupreme2529d ago

1.) Cast Jesse Eisenberg as the villain
2.) Cast anyone from the Fast and the Furious as Wonder Woman
3.) Put Wonder Woman in another silly urban "undercover" role
4.) Make Batman so paunch he can't sit down in a Batmobile
5.) Tred over Batman's origin story...again.
6.) Crowd up Superman/Batman's story with a bunch of JLA placeholders
7.) Distribute the film via a pigeon
8.) Shoot the film for IMAX via a straw
9.) Lens, flare; lens flare everywhere
10.) Let Zak Snyder direct it

Sooo... probably 8/10 there.