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Video Games That Would Make Great TV Series

In the ‘Golden Age’ of TV, we’ve already witnessed the unlikely fact that great movies can turn into gripping and potentially landmark TV series. Take for instance this year’s FX series, Fargo, which was based on the 1996 cult classic by the Coen brothers. Nobody expected that the Coens’ unique style and voice could be replicated so well on our small screens. So, that got me thinking: if you can adapt classic movies nowadays into memorable TV, why not video games?

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Crazay2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

not a bad list you have there. Personally I'd rather not see another gritty cop drama but a Fallout series I'd check out for sure. Sadly, the history of post apocalyptic shows on TV isn't the greatest aside from the Walking Dead

WizzroSupreme2529d ago

It's been sadly difficult for most apocalyptic shows to A) Budget themselves to accommodate a tv series/mini-series and B) focus on the characters as opposed to the disaster itself. Fallout could do it.