6 Actors Who Could Play Brainiac in the Justice League Movie

The Point of Geeks list 6 actors that should get consideration to play, Brainiac, the rumored villain of the Justice League.

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Porcelain_Chicken2139d ago

Pretty solid choices. Clive Owen never even crossed my mind but he seems outta the box and i can't help but feel like he'd be a great choice. Benedict (although a good choice) seems too obvious, like wanting Bruce Willis or Mark Strong for Lex.

WizzroSupreme2138d ago

Lex Luthor looked just like Bruce Willis in that Injustice video game last year, lol Coincidence?

Porcelain_Chicken2138d ago

Lol I didn't really see a resemblance tbh, faces aren't Netherrealm's strong point. Lex in that game just reminded me of Voldemort for some reason.

WizzroSupreme2138d ago

I really liked James Marsters in Smallville. So much lost opportunity there. Beyond him, I guess I'd like to have seen Benedict Cumberbatch in the role. But of course, if Doc Strange fills up his calendar, then there's that.