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Survivor Season 29 Review “Getting to Crunch Time” | TV Equals

TV Equals: "After skipping the post-Tribal “blue screen” scenes for the past few episodes, they came back with a vengeance in tonight’s Survivor episode “Getting to Crunch Time.” These scenes usually don’t last too long, but we had multiple confessionals and quite a bit of bickering before the credits rolled. After the chauvinistic stuff from last week, it really seems like they’re trying to edit Keith into somewhat of a villain this season. I actually liked him quite a bit when the season started, but all of his bickering with Misty and being a jerk to the women is really starting to paint him in a negative light. Shame. At least he helped Misty out of the mud a little later!"

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WizzroSupreme2529d ago

I wish it was ever crunch time for these people. Slowest season I've seen in a long time.