Top 12 Worst Movies Made Last Year

2013 was a good year for movies, many movies gone great and they did good business on Box Office but there were also many bad movies released in that year. What was unique about this year, however, was the sheer volume of bad movies. Here are the worst movies of the year 2013.

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faisalsheikh142532d ago

was the sheer volume of bad movies

hammad4122532d ago

But a good day to Dia hard is a good movie

ChrisW2531d ago

They should have NOT named it a Die Hard movie. Very simple. Then it would have been a damn good movie.

Alxe2532d ago

for me these titles are worst movies in 2013
The Smurfs 2
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
After Earth

Soldierone2532d ago

Honestly, last year was so horrible period. I hardly went to the movies at all. This year i've spent at least one weekend a month in the movies and have enjoyed each visit.

Last year it we had a thing where we went "yay we are on a good movie streak" then we go the next weekend and go "streak over." I think the streak high was 2.

Alxe2532d ago

i'm totally agreed with you... last year was so horrible

2pacalypsenow2531d ago

i thought die hard and grown ups 2 were good i enjoyed both

ChrisW2531d ago

I only enjoyed Die Hard if I didn't think it was a "Die Hard" movie...

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