Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer to be Released with The Hobbit on December 17

SW7News: The mystery surrounding the release of the much-anticipated teaser trailer may not be a mystery much longer!

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WizzroSupreme2143d ago

If that's true, then that'll be – for better or worse – the biggest day of my fanboy life. Seeing what'll probably be the big three trio in costume and even a moderate tease of who are villain is...surreal. This is happening. Star Wars is going down.

RetrospectRealm2142d ago

Rumor is the big three will not be in it. The new three will be featured with the villain.

Soldierone2142d ago

I was really hoping it wasn't the hobbit. Guess I'll watch the other one and try to see this one in theaters !

WizzroSupreme2142d ago

Totally. I'm going to struggle to shield my eyes from online spoilers, because I'll be darned if I don't see this first on a huge IMAX screen.

RosweeSon2141d ago

The other one? If your referring to the Hobbit they managed to stretch the smallest book of the series (hobbit being the prequel to the Lord of the rings) to 3 films but well worth a watch, great films great director. Star Wars tho! I was excited enough as a teen when the new trilogy came out and we all know how great they are ;) haha not a patch on the original trilogy but something tells me this Episode 7 with JJ At the helm is gonna be Large, I'm really not a fan of Star Trek but even I've seen the last 2 films.. Amazing this is gonna be awesome, cannot wait.

Soldierone2141d ago

Yeah I knew it was broken into pars, so I was just waiting for it to hit Blu-ray and watch them all at home :P

It's hard to sit at my local theaters for long movies.