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There’s little point underpinning this review with any sort of tension: if you enjoyed Horrible Bosses, you will enjoy Horrible Bosses 2.

As a sequel to one of the unlikely box office success stories of 2011, Horrible Bosses 2 shamelessly plays to exactly the same crowd that liked the original. Director Sean Anders (We’re The Millers) is happy to admit that the first film wasn’t meant to be heartwarming or about learning life lessons, and so there’s plenty of license for the sequel to jump straight back into the same brand of ridiculousness that made so many audiences split their sides.

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WizzroSupreme2140d ago

Charlie Day and Jennifer Aniston are the best film odd couple ever – and by that, I of course mean *ahem* "ODD."

Soldierone2140d ago

First line is all I needed. I can't get enough of the first one, this trio is just amazing together! You never really expect them to do anything, so it's always surprising!