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'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Teaser Will Include The New Villain


Yessir, yessir, people in Europe have also been secretly shown the minute-long Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser that we heard rumblings about yesterday which means there are enough people in the world who have seen it to get confirmations about things. Namely, what character flashes we're going to be seeing and if they only include our good guys.

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WizzroSupreme2531d ago

Undoubtedly. I'd expect that as much as I expect the main trio being featured, at least in as much capacity as a teaser trailer can include. Imagine the villain will be A) be in a dark hood we can't see under or B) have a ton of robotic armor on.

Either way, we'll be obsessing over him/her long enough until the real trailer if this teaser's only a minute or so. Unless it's Luke that really IS the villain – in which case I'll go to bed and wake up with that image seared in my brain.

Soldierone2531d ago

As long as it's not just the Millennium Falcon flying and breaking the sound barrier for a minute I'll be fine! :P

(reference to man of Steel teaser)

Soldierone2531d ago

I really hope this teaser is infront of a movie I'm actually seeing. I don't know why they didn't just utilize Big Hero 6 since people will pay just to see this trailer.

Being so short though, it's going to be a super tease!

WizzroSupreme2531d ago

Probably not ready by that point – if John Williams was just recording the music back then, then that'd have been cutting it close.

thorstein2530d ago

The timing seems right for it to be in front of the Hobbit.

iron2530d ago

It's confirmed that the trailer will be in the previews of the last Hobbit movie.

Blasphemy2531d ago

Why is it shown in secret?

Rute2530d ago

If everyone knew what the villain looks like, the Sith couldn't work underground anymore.