12 Movies Christopher Nolan Should Make Next


With Christopher Nolan’s latest sci-fi opus Interstellar now out in the wild, fans have already been readily discussing what the acclaimed filmmaker might move onto next, considering his typically short turnaround with projects (around 2-3 years). Given the sheer number of projects the director has been attached to in the past and the number of genres he has yet to dabble in, there’s plenty of potential for Nolan’s next film to serve up a distinctly different experience.

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WizzroSupreme2531d ago

1-12: "Luminous."

"A genius geologist without a country and without a name falls into a crevice with no way out and no compass to guide his way. He is a loner, a traveler, a wander among an earth he does not know and a world he is desperate to find. Among the caves and the lurking creatures he encounters, he finds more than himself: he finds Light.

"Brought to you by the director of the Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception comes a blockbuster critics are calling "Stunning," "Marvelous," and "A testament to what filmmaking has strived to accomplish. See it now in IMAX in 4D while tickets last."