NCIS: LA Season 6 Review “The Grey Man” | TV Equals

TV Equals: "Last week’s previews for “The Grey Man” made out the episode to be a deep Kensi outing. And her past was touched on, but it ended up being Callen’s own questions about his father that closed the night. The idea of a leak amongst Hetty’s personnel has been growing since Vance made his appearance earlier this season. That will be coming to a head next week (more on that later). Callen’s conversation with Hetty though makes me believe that his absentee father perhaps will come back into the fold. That discussion happened for a reason. It could be related to the leak or maybe even the beginning of an arc for the back half of the season. Considering the show is also in its 6th year (and even though the 100th episode brought Callen closer than ever before), the time feels right to revisit the main storyline regarding our central character (yes, NCIS: LA is more an ensemble show than its flagship, but Chris O’Donnell is still the de-facto lead)."

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