10 Problems With The Avengers No One Wants To Admit


The Avengers is a critically acclaimed and financial masterpiece by most accounts, leaving many to feel that it is a flawless piece of cinema. It is the third highest grossing film of all time (without adjusting for inflation) and is part of the ever expanding MCU. It has received unparalleled levels of success in the comic book movie genre, and it is responsible for Hollywood’s sudden infatuation with shared universes.

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RetrospectRealm2533d ago

Hawkeye is just a tag along and gets nothing to do yet Jeremy Renner does a fantastic job at portraying the character so why don't we see him more?

How are you able to tell Renner does a fantastic job if according to the article, he doesn't do much and we have after all only seen him in two films, and for that, had very little screentime in both? There's only one answer to that, he wasn't as entirely useless in The Avengers as many people make him out to be.

WizzroSupreme2533d ago

He stands there with a really nice chin, that's how.

WizzroSupreme2533d ago

What about how – even with all of that technology – the Chitauri still go down from a puny bullet from Black Widow's gun, huh?

RetrospectRealm2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Chitauri armor probably wasn't designed to take metal bullets, more like lasers or other space type bullet materials that shoot out of guns. Usually only Earth fires bullets out of their guns in these sci-fi movies.

Baka-akaB2533d ago

well they werent exactly shown with forcefields either

Baka-akaB2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

10 . Makes no sense . Most of that backstory is easily and quickly explain ... or just light and nice subtle touchs .

If anything if you feel you missed out , it will make you want to see the previous movies ... which is guess what , the goal .

8. Is Bull . Everyone's fear , was that Hawkeye and Black Widow (and even Cap) , as literally powerless heroes and mere weapon users , would get obliterated in screen time for action scenes , and feel lame .
In the end everyone had chances to shine and looked good .

7. Coulson’s Death Was Meaningless .

How so ? No one even knew at the time that he'd be back . let alone how . If anything public reaction mandated his return and some use for him , hence the serie .

5. It Focuses On Iron Man… A Lot .

Only if you look solely at him , and missed everything done wrong in the xmen franchise with wolverine at the front and center . The spotlight was literally stolen by Hulk multiple times , both in action and comedy scenes .

4. There Is A Lot Of Exposition .
SO he complains about too little being explained from the hints and tidbits of the shared MCU , but then complains about expositions and universe layout scene , from the FIRST avengers movie ...

3. The Chitauri Were Weak Enemies .
It's a first movie for an overpowered team and a setup with lots of foreshadowing . What did you expect ?

2. Why Did Banner Lose Control?
Because you didnt watch the movie without being high .. It's explained within the movie , available on bluray , dvd and netflix