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Everything We Know About Universal's 'Monster Avengers' Movie Universe

8CN: It isn't surprising that every major studio wants their own Avengers franchise. After all, Marvel is the king of the box office at the moment, and no matter how crazy of an idea they come up with, it still makes oodles of money. So when the opportunity came up for Universal to reboot some of its classic monster movies, someone at that meeting looked up from a massive mound of cocaine and whispered... why not us?

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WizzroSupreme2532d ago

Regardless of how seamlessly they integrate each of their movies, they'll have the distinct problem of copying and pasting Marvel's "superhero" universe rather than the horror roots these characters were born in. It won't be scary when you put it onto this kind of World War Z scale.

The best horror stories are the ones confined and unexplained. Universal's monster movie universe is bound to be the opposite, more profitable or not.