Is This The Entire Plot Of Josh Trank's Fantastic Four?


Over the past few days, a very detailed synopsis has started doing the rounds which seemingly reveals the plot of The Fantastic Four in its entirety. While it's more than likely just a piece of convincing fan-fiction, it still makes for a pretty interesting read.

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Crazay2141d ago

I sure hope this is some fanfic...cause it sounds abysmal. abortion of a film.

RetrospectRealm2141d ago

I don't exactly see all this as promising either. It's just he rips anything and everything to shreds with barely information at all and it's annoying.

-Foxtrot2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Barely any information? I'm sorry but you acting like this is the only info we have on the film. There has been a ton of casting news, small plot points, interviews etc. You can actually see, gathering all scraps of info that's there in front of you, when a film is going to be bad.

You know what is annoying, the fact you have to go against what the majority of people on here say. Not just me by the way, a lot of people. Even though you could let people have their own opinions, you can't help yourself and reply just so you can write some smart ass reply making it seem like they are wrong and what you say is right.

People could say the grass is green and you'd probably try and find away to argue it's not

I mean you agree it's not that promising, yet you still need to open your mouth and for what, to say how despite agreeing deep down, you actually don't...does that make sense? Have an opinion sure but at least contribute to the convo/article...not rip on someone because your having a tantrum over their opinion...which again you kind of agree with.

-Foxtrot2141d ago

His dad is abusive? You mean the same plot point that's found in if true, how original.

Sue is disdainful against sceience...REALLY? She gets her genius gene from her father, obviously that can't happen in this film with her being adopted but still she loves science. Plus they can't include the tensions against her and Johnny with Franklin showing more interest in Sue since she is the smarter one

"Victor Doomashev is a anti-social Eastern European computer programmer and hacktivist"

...don't even.....dear lord.

"Ben can switch off his powers when he's not in danger. Johnny changes colors based on heat intensity, and Sue has some borderline telekinetic thing. Reed is pretty much Reed"

So they are messing with the powers aswell.

If true this sounds absolutely awful, they clearly don't respect the comics and I hope to god it gets ripped apart by reviews.

RetrospectRealm2141d ago

At least they have you to rip it apart almost a full year before it comes out.

Crazay2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

I'm actually firmly in his court on this.

It just sounds ridiculous. If you're going to make a movie based on an established brand, you stick to the brands source materials. You can deviate from it a little, but to completely rewrite and change the core of who these people are is a stupid move.

-Foxtrot2141d ago

Pffft...where are you looking, have you seen the forums, facebook pages and stuff, it's not just me mate.

Why defend crap like this which has shit all over the source material.

Your sending out the wrong message, I couldn't care even if it was decent, if you need to change the entire source material of something what is the point of doing an adaptation of it.

Blacktric2141d ago

And at least they have you to go see it on opening day... Along with maybe three other people who think "hacktivist Doom" is cool.

dboyman2140d ago

If all this is true, Marvel better step in and replace him or force change to go more to the source material. Marvel now especially owned by Disney wants it to be good film and be like the other Marvel live action films like Avengers. Muck up the story too much from the source material and it can ruin things...

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RetrospectRealm2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Edit: I had typed something else, but nevermind.

I apologize for anything I might have potentially started.

As a side note, I have faith in Mr. Trank & Co.

Crazay2141d ago

If Josh Trank was making the Live screen version of Akira (which he kinda already did with Chronicle)then I would say unequivocally he has my support but with this (granted a rumor) I have no faith in the project.

Baka-akaB2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

I can't have faith in someone with just one movie under his belt , with that kind of gloomy and depressing details and choices surrounding the movie .

Especially when said single movie , was just good . Not some flawless gem or the new citizen kane . Tet people clutche to it as some proof than the "next movie gotta be good" despite everything indicating the opposite thus far .

Also it baffles the mind , considering how much Chronicles was a rip-off/hommage of Akira and various animes and manga .... that yet Trank cant even find and muster the energy to give one glimmer of hope and good news for fans of a comics franchise he is this time officially adapting .

Defectiv3_Detectiv32140d ago

eh, if you really wanted to do justice to the source material, then you would have to set this movie in the 60s to get the proper gee whiz attitude. The Fantastic Four just isn't a property that translates well to modern times. I'm going to reserve my judgment until we actually get something concrete about the film.

WizzroSupreme2140d ago

If this is true, then I'll never criticize Tim Story again.