So Many Movies That Nobody Asked For

Something that one may have noticed is that most movies that you see nowadays are either sequels of remakes. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe getting bigger and bigger every year, and Star Wars about to make a return, Hollywood seems very comfortable making movies that have they know have a loyal fan-base. Sometimes, that’s excellent. With the new Avengers film coming out next summer, it has been shown to be profitable. Granted, there is an argument to be made that Marvel is putting out too many films too quickly, but that’s neither here nor there.

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WizzroSupreme2137d ago

I have yet to make a judgment on Toy Story 4 until I know more about the story at hand, but by 2017, at least it'll have been 7 years since 3 came out. That's just shy of another generation.

I'd agree that Andy's story was very much wrapped up by 3, but that doesn't mean that someone else's journey can't take front and center. If it's indeed a "love story" that John Lasseter talked about, then I'd be onboard for it more than another growing up storyline. What that could mean I have no idea, short of Andy just stealing back his toys from Bonnie, lol