The Best Louie Guest-Stars of All-Time

TVOM: "There aren’t many productions on television like Louie, essentially a one-man show both behind and in front of the camera, a rare example of a “singular vision” being shown on television. As one of the most critically acclaimed comedians in the business today (running one of the most critically lauded shows on television), Louie C.K. has the ability to pull in just about anyone he wants for a bit role in one of his episodes, be it Susan Sarandon, Jerry Seinfeld, Yvonne Strahovski… the list goes on and on. What’s most impressive, however, is how Louie utilizes these cameos, using recognizable faces as jumping-off points for important, often existential discussions. Here are five of Louie‘s best guest stars, and the ingenious ways they’re used on the show to upset Louie’s status quo (note: Pamela Adlon appears so frequently, we didn’t count her as a “guest star”)"

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