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10 Worst Instances Of Marvel Movies Dropping The Ball


Marvel movies are completely dominating the comic book movie scene at the moment, with Marvel Studios’ Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise killing it at the box office, Fox’s X-Men series still going strong after fourteen years and Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man franchise providing some able backup to the pair.

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WizzroSupreme2532d ago

Won't ever get the hate for Spider-man 3. Love it to this day.

Crazay2532d ago

I don't love it but I did like it. I thought Spider-man 2 was the best of the series.

Summons752532d ago

If you love Emo Peter Parker, horrible writing, bad acting, and a convoluted plot sure it's the best movie ever made.

badz1492531d ago

why is emo Parker becoming the problem here? he's just portraying the effect of the Black substance that later became the Venom and I think they nailed it perfectly in terms of the thing changing its host personality! how else do you want them to do it?

although I admit the combo fight with Harry at the end it a bit "forced" and kinda lame, but overall, it's a great movie.

acemonkey2532d ago

im a fan of marvel studios and fox/sony... i enjoyed most of their films, some more then others but they all miss some steps

Vames2532d ago

I prefer Marvel films from Fox, and a few from Sony. The ones from Marvel Studios are too filled with comedy, and majority of the time the comedy is the only entertaining aspect. Without the comedic relief, people wouldn't be so blind to miss all the terrible plots.

hazelamy2532d ago

10 worst websites for this spread one, maybe two, pages of content over 10 or more pages.