Get Lost In The Film, Not The Word You Missed

Whether it will last the test of time is yet to be seen. Reviewers are mixed. Peter Bradshaw criticises greatly, knocking the film to a 3* mediocre disappointment, while Robbie Collin hails the film as Christopher Nolan’s best – “brazenly ambitious” he reveals. It is early days and whether Collin or Bradshaw is “correct” you are pushed to see for yourself. But don’t worry about the dialogue just yet. Get lost in space and the scale of Nolan’s vision – follow with your eyes. Get entrenched in the investigation of the missing Amy Dunne in Gone Girl – the perfect edits of montages and flashbacks fill in the details. When you watch it a second time, with subtitles, you will pick up those niggling moments. You will clarify the details, almost as a picture slowly comes into focus. Nolan and Fincher don’t want you to watch it once. They want you to watch it again – and dialogue that is lost in the story is about drawing you in deeper – and if you are drawn to it a second time, the director already has you in the palm of their hand.

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