Beyond Space and Time: What’s Next for Christopher Nolan?

I’m sure that something huge and unconventional still lies in Nolan’s future but I don’t see it happening any time soon. Perhaps he’ll keep himself busy for a few years helping out in an executive producer capacity with the Warner Bros./DC slate of movies due out. Hell maybe he’ll even be tempted to step in front of the camera again for one or more of their upcoming titles. I can see him toning it down for his next venture. Going back to basics. Returning to his indie roots that helped make Following and Memento cult hits. Who knows? He’s smashed the superhero genre out of the ballpark, he’s successfully dominated the mysterious head-scratcher and with Interstellar he has probably gone as far as he can go with science fiction, unless he wants to transcend his own “real and grounded” mantra. How about an epic western or a stripped back, black and white film-noir?

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