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The Walking Dead: Season 5 Episode 6 - Carol And Daryl Return

Tonight on The Walking Dead season 5 episode 6, Carol and Daryl will be return. Here you will know what you can expect in this episode. Tonight we should finally know about the Daryl in The Walking Dead Episode 3.

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wannabe gamer2142d ago

I LOVE spoilers in headlines of articles. its like they are written by monkeys with no brain....... oh wait

Old_Prodigy2142d ago

How in the fuck is that a spoiler?

Soldierone2141d ago

It's not a spoiler since they never "left" they just were not in the past few episodes..... You obviously don't watch the show lol

Soldierone2141d ago

Really fun episode!

My only gripes are more technical than anything. Poor cuts and editing, but that is nothing major.