10 Reasons The Comic Book Movie Fad Is Here To Stay

WC: The movie-going public’s appetite for comic book movies has reached its pinnacle. Sony, DC, Marvel, and Fox have inundated fans with a slate of release dates that promise to deliver enormous thrills until 2020 and beyond. Hollywood’s infatuation with superhero movies should be a cause for comic fans to rejoice; however, the would-be soothsayers among us see storm clouds looming on the horizon.

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Soldierone2143d ago

The naysayers need to realize this "fad" has been here for decades. Superhero movies have been around for ages, look at Batman! People have always loved them.

They have bigger budgets and bigger crowds, and now people think they will just vanish? For starters you have plans through 2020, then eventually at some point in time the industry will slip or be geared to something else (Say video games) and Marvel will get rights to Spider-man and Xmen, at that point Marvel will create another 10 year cycle and so on.

Sorry if the article states this. I read a few of the points, but I hate the multi-page lists that don't have a "show all" button.

WizzroSupreme2143d ago

"The will is everything. If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, you become something else entirely."