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Jurassic World Lego D-Rex, T-Rex and Raptor Models Leaked

SciFied: As expected with a film as big as Jurassic World, an abundance of merchandising will be licensed. When handling so many licensors for one property, leaks are bound to happen, and they do. Today, it would seem that a set of Jurassic World LEGO model pics have leaked prematurely online and reveal a rough idea of what the infamous D-Rex will look like in the film! Now, before we start claiming these photos as official, we must urge readers to take them with a grain of salt, only because they were not released by Universal or LEGO respectively. That being said, the D-Rex model matches descriptions of what the Dinosaur is described to look like in the film, exactly. Translucent skin, red eyes, it matches, so we're 99% sure these photos are legitimate. Enjoy (because if they are legit, it's likely we'll need to take them down soon).

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04roacht2527d ago

So who is playing the tiny black man in the film? hehe

williamt32525d ago

So the black guy dies first in this movie?

Blasphemy2525d ago

i want to see them do a movie where the spinosaurus is the biggest baddy in the movie.