Leeds International Film Festival 2014 Flickering Myth Review – The Drop (2014)

And then there’s the fact that everything seems to wrap itself up a bit too nicely in the last 15 minutes, ending with a ‘revelation’ that would have been much more powerful had not John Ortiz’s cop told us in simpleton terms five minutes after it happened. It’s unfortunate that Lehane doesn’t trust us to follow his story and figure it out for ourselves in that moment and it shatters the world of bad people and big secrets that we’ve enveloped ourselves in throughout the film.

Still, The Drop is recommended for anyone looking for further proof that Tom Hardy really is, even after stunning turns in Bronson, The Take and Warrior, the great actor that everyone says he is. For everyone else, it’s a great crime thriller that evokes the best of them, without ever really besting them.

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