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Leeds International Film Festival 2014 Flickering Myth Review – Tokyo Tribe (2014)

And while, towards the end it tries – and fails – to combat its horrible attitude towards women, it never really recovers from the onslaught of ‘whores, upskirt shots and gratuitous threats of rape’ that litter the film. I really did find this film offensive, if you haven’t figured it out already and considering how much of a fan I am of Shion Sono, it’s a shame that in pushing the boundaries of cinema, he’s arguably crossed a line that there’s no going back from. Some of you might forgive this and think of it as something to be expected with colourful adaptations of Japanese manga. But Tokyo Tribe should have been one of the most entertaining and most talked about cinema experiences of the year, much like Love Exposure and Why Don’t You Play in Hell? before it, and it just turned out to be a sadistic, misogynistic film that might put some people of Shion Sono for life.

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