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Star Wars Rebels – ‘Out of Darkness’ Flickering Myth Review

It’s great to see the female characters get a chance to shine, and both prove themselves more than capable, but this episode isn’t perfect. Some of the dialogue is pretty clunky, being very on the nose. Due to the 20 minute run time there isn’t really enough time to build the threat. It works, but the tension could have been built up a lot and the relationship given more time to strengthen if they had been through more. It was handled well in the time available but it left me wanting.

With a bit of back story, some sharpshooting and some colourful explosions, ‘Out of Darkness’ shines a light on the female crew of the Ghost and further hints at bigger things to come. It aims high with some clear inspirations but doesn’t quite get there. It does well for 20 minutes though.

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