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Who Is the Greatest Joker of Them All?


With rumours of a new actor being cast, we look back at the actors who have defined the role so far on this week's Superhero Show.

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WizzroSupreme2141d ago

If I can tell you anything, it's not going to be Jared Leto if that indeed happens, lol.

For me, it'd boil down to Mark Hamill. Sure, you can say animation played a role in crafting Batman The Animated Series' Joker too, but Hamill put the perfect balance of cartoony glee and vicious intent into the Clown Prince that even Ledger or Nicholson didn't get.

Both were too purely villainous to be counted as "insane" so much as amorally resolute. BTAS, or even Arkham's similar Joker put him in exactly the kind of childlike insanity that Batman would actually pity.

Spiewie 2141d ago

I'm going to say ledger... I'm sure a lot of people will agree.