The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman Denies Jason Statham As Negan Casting Rumor

CB: The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman took to social media today to refute recent casting rumors that placed The Expendables actor Jason Statham as Negan on the TV adaptation of his hit Image Comics series.

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Spiewie 2536d ago

How can one deny Jason Statham for any role haha the man is a legend.

pompombrum2536d ago

Easy, he's so one dimensional he makes Nicolas Cage look like an oscar winner. I don't follow the graphic novels so don't know how Negan is supposed to be portrayed but I'm pretty sure they can find someone better than Statham.

bangoskank2536d ago

Nick Cage actually IS an Oscar winner.

Hroach6162536d ago

Clearly you haven't seen his earlier films. MOST(not all) are very good films. Granted MOST(again not all) of his movies in the past decade have been shit. He's had piss poor decisions in his roles for a while.
Here's a few of his really good films IMO:8mm, raising the dead, face/off, lord of war, snake eyes, city of angels, con air, the rock. Just to name a few.

On Topic. Jason Stathem is always good in my book. More projects with him is never going to hurt a project. Even in his shit movies he's still fine in them.

Lord_Sloth2536d ago

I could spit on the ground and create more depth than Negan. He's a gang leader who loves violence and that is absolutely where his depth ends. Statham doesn't act in much that requires a range but he has provided some depth to his roles.

He could play Negan quite easily.

WizzroSupreme2536d ago

Eh, Statham's more the action star anyway; doubt he'd stick with a TV series that long, much less longer than he'd be welcome. His work's fit for amusing romps, but not series level material.

Porcelain_Chicken2536d ago

You should see London. The man is capable of so much more than silly action flicks. He played a coke head with quite a few cooks issues, there's a part where he uh... goes mental. Shows the man can do more. Shame he doesn't. I agree that he would feel outta place though.

Sketchy_Galore2536d ago

They should get the guy he just has to have been based on in the comics, Andrew Dice Clay. It'd be kinda wacky casting but then he's a kinda wacky character.