TVF Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 12 Review: Starlings Of The Slipstream

The web continued to spin more lies on Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 12 -- and it made for an exciting hour of television!

We obviously knew going into this episode that a good portion of it was going to be about saving Auggie. USA did a great job promoting it through all resources available to them, but the hour wasn't all about that one storyline.

Auggie was understandably beat up about Tony's death and knew there was more to the story. As I mentioned in the Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 11 review -- Tony did not die of alcohol poisoning. Christopher Gorham's acting was phenomenal. He fully embodied his character and it was impossible not to feel for Auggie. He is on a downward spiral. Matters got worse when Joan effectively suspended him from work; the poor guy didn't know what to do next.

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alycakes2146d ago

I missed this episode so I have to vod it.