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TVF Elementary Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Just a Regular Irregular

Break out your calculators because murdering mathematicians make things interesting on Elementary Season 3 Episode 3. Shirtless math genius, Harlan Emple, needs Sherlock and Joan's help after finding a dead body during a math puzzle competition, and Kitty starts warming up to Watson, sort of.

This case had a few more twists and turns, making it a more worthy case for Sherlock and Joan. Or maybe the math just gave me a headache. Both are probably true.

Sherlock and Joan were once again partnered on a case. This time Sherlock was assigned the case and asked Joan to assist him. He had Kitty on another assignment. After a moment's hesitation, Joan agreed.

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alycakes2537d ago

What an episode, they always manage to intrigue me. I like the new girl that is working with Sherlock. She brings new like to the show.