IGN Sons of Anarchy: "Faith and Despondency" Review

After the loss of Bobby in the previous episode, Jax and SAMCRO were reeling, yet they were still able to pull things together enough to plan their next move. With the end of the series coming quickly, things finally started to come together in this hour that featured one of the most anticipated moments of the season as Jax was finally told that Gemma was the one who killed Tara.

I never thought I’d say this, but Abel was the best part of the episode as all the buildup with him overhearing Gemma confession that she had killed Tara finally started to pay off. We’ll have to wait to see how Jax handles it, but for now let’s just relish the fact that Abel let the info slip to Jax. It was a nice twist that Abel first tried to handle things himself by putting a plan in motion to get Gemma in trouble. He is definitely Jax’s son in that area. It was rewarding to see Gemma start to pay for her misdeeds, I only hope that there’s more to come as the series comes to the end.

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alycakes2538d ago

I was so happy when Abel was talking to Jax at the end and told him about Gemma. I saw the look in Jax eyes that were a little questioning but he got the picture so next week he's really going to get the full story.