IGN:The Big Bang Theory: "The Septum Deviation" Review

Last week's Big Bang Theory really raised the bar for Season 8, offering a great blend of humor and character drama and pushing the Sheldon/Amy relationship forward in a big way. It's a tough act to follow. That said, "The Septum Deviation" proved to be a stronger follow-up to "The Prom Equivalency" than I was expecting. For the second week in a row, Sheldon was forced to acknowledge his attachment to someone close to him, though with a more humorous angle this time around. Any episode that forces Sheldon to deal with feelings and emotions is usually a winner.

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alycakes2538d ago

So great and so funny. I love it when Sheldon is caught in his own feelings. Both Leonard and Sheldon sitting on the couch with nose bandages was the best.

WizzroSupreme2537d ago

Gave up on this show after season 7. Season 6 might've been the first season that had its problems, but can't help but think Sheldon's a drain on the show's spontaneity. An example of a supporting character that was never meant to get full stardom.