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Stephen Amell Says WB Justice League & Flash Announcement Was Sh-tty


Stephen Amell, arguably the face of the DC Universe on any screen for the past couple of years, hasn't been quiet regarding his feelings about the DC Cinematic Universe and the DC TV universe.

Following Warner Bros. announcing their slate of Justice League movies, which included a standalone Flash movie featuring Ezra Miller, Amell stated that he should be Green Arrow in the DC movies and that Grant Gustin should be The Flash.

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Chapter112404d ago

One of the things everyone loves about the Marvel universe is just that, its a shared universe. DC immediately destroyed any chance of doing the same by casting a different actor to play The Flash in the TV show and movies.

Another thing Marvel is doing is they're including humor in their films, something everything loves. It shows they aren't taking it to seriously. DC turns around and shows off super gritty posters and depressed Batman and angry Wonder Woman. It looks like a completely joke.

It reeks of a company that doesn't know what its doing and is only trying to play catch up to the big boys.

SilentNegotiator2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Yeah, because all superhero movies need to have goofy parts now. Comic books aren't even gritty at all.


ironfist922404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

DC knew what it was doing long before Marvel, and contiunues to do so with other midums such as TV shows, Games, Animated films, Animated series, and much more.

Sure theyre struggling recently to keep up with Marvel films as of late, but did you have a brain lapse and suddenly forget how prominent The Dark Knight trilogy was to cinema, or how popular the original Superman films or Tim Burton Batman films were?

What about films like Watchmen or V for Vendetta or Road to Perdition which are all iconic. Even the Lego Movie which proved they can do humour with comic characters. They have a set tone which they desire which is to produce more realistic and mature take on the comic book characters because they care about the darker more relevant themes and issues with the characters and narratives rather catering to the lowest common denominator of popcorn-chewing adhd-diagnosed cinema audiences.

Do you know anything about the character of Shazam? A kid who turns into a superhero? Thats not dark at all, and very child friendly and humourous take on superheroes, and will translate as such to the big screen.

The benefit to having seperate universes is that they are free to do what they want with the characters and stories without having to worry about tip-toeing around various other characters and stories by shared material due to being off limits, which AoS is guilty of.

But no, fuck DC right coz Man of Steel was the crappest movie of all time right?

Dasteru2404d ago

Stephen Amell is Green Arrow as far as i'm concerned. If WB gets different actors for the movies, i for one will not ever watch or buy them.

gustave1542404d ago

TV is TV. Movie is Movie. Why can't stephen amell realise the difference

ironfist922404d ago

Did you read the article? Or just the title.

He was giving his opinion on the handling of the announcement, rather than the announcement itself which he said was a great slate of films.

He was just annoyed that WB decided to announce a new Flash film with a new actor, just two episode into Flash TV show, taking away all the spotflight from it and making the show seem inferior.

He commented on how doing a yearly TV show with 23 episodes each for an actor is a helluva lot more demanding than doing film every 2 or 3 years, and that the show shouldve been given more time to gain awareness as its own thing before throwing another Flash at the world.

demonJAKAL2404d ago

They do this but yet they didn't want to replace Heath Ledger as the Joker. It ruins the continuity of the movie/TV if they change the people playing them

ironfist922404d ago

Dark Knight trilogy is done. This is a new cinematic universe with a new Joker.

demonJAKAL2404d ago

I read he was meant to be in the 3rd film and they were looking to cast him but didnt. Having the flash show and film on at the same time with 2 different actors will be weird