Oscars: 'Interstellar' Hopes to Avoid '2001' Awards Fate

THR: The first reviews landed with a thud: Warning readers that the ambitious new sci-fi epic was nearly three hours long, The New York Times complained, "The movie is so completely absorbed in its problems, its use of color and space, its fanatical devotion to science-fiction detail, that it is somewhere between hypnotic and immensely boring." No, we're not talking about Interstellar, Christopher Nolan's ambitious new sci-fi epic. That actually was one of the reviews knocking Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, which Nolan acknowledges as a major inspiration.

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WizzroSupreme2144d ago

Don't know if it will. A 7/10 isn't a guaranteed Oscar, nor is Interstellar as much of an emotional of a work as I though Gravity was.

RetrospectRealm2144d ago

Who says it's 7/10? Some say it's 9 or a 10. I wouldn't go by reviews.

UltraNova2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Gravity vs Interstellar

How do I go into this...let me put this out Gravity is nowhere near as epic and visionary as Interstellar. Gravity was about a crisis in orbit and how Bullock survived that crisis. The human fate wasn't on the line, there was no grant concept there at all just pretty FX and quite good camera work. Thats about it.

Interstellar went about showing us one's take on the choice we humans have to make when the time comes to leave our home, ironically which we are depleting day by day.

Tell me that human colonization somewhere else even outside our Solar system or even Interstellar is not the human's race future and I'll show you someone who's perspective of things to come are extremely limited to say the least.

I think Nolan's take on our future was eye opening but ultimately rushed in favour of making things simple for the masses as the concepts explored where distilled so much I was left truly unsatisfied. Still I get it, its a movie not an astronomy lecture.

The fact that they ended up contributing to science in the end by creating the most accurate depiction of a rotating black hole and a plausible take on a wormhole (if they end up being proved to exist) is enough to elevate it higher than Bullock's confined yet elegant orbital drama.

Spiewie 2144d ago

I saw interstellar today and personally I think it's the best movie of the year so far. There are mixed reviews going around it's a movie that you must understand throughout to actually enjoy it. They wrap it up nicely at the end if someone doesn't get it.

ProjectVulcan2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

I'm not massively keen on it. Movies don't have to make perfect sense, it's fiction and escapism. But I felt there were too many basic unanswered logical questions while I was watching it that damaged my suspension of disbelief.

I'm a great believer that if you are going to make a meditative human drama you should at least try and elicit realistic, believable behaviour from said human characters. I'm an avid student of human behaviour.

Too many times I saw what was said and done and thought that's just....a non sequitur, unintentional it seemed.