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IGN - Dumb and Dumber To Review


Dumb and Dumber was released at the height of Jim Carrey’s popularity – his third huge hit in a year, 1994, that he pretty much owned. Since then, the film has remained popular and with the passage of time, there are now plenty of kids who were a long way from being born when Harry and Lloyd first set out to find Mary Samsonite who are fans of the film.

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Spiewie 2537d ago

6.3 isn't too high, disappointing. I thought it would be 8.0 atleast.

StarWarsFan2537d ago

I don't think this is a kind of movie that will be received well my critics. This is a movie for audiences to enjoy and not for it to be over-analyzed. I also remember people from a test audience delivering positive news online months ago.