Mel Gibson Puts in Bid to Get Behind the Director's Chair for Iron Man 4

Daily Mail

It's always good to have friends in high places.
Mel Gibson, 58, is keen to take up his friend Robert Downey Jr's offer to reprise his role in the Iron Man 4 sequel if the Oscar-winning Braveheart director is at the helm of the action picture.
'I'm pretty good at directing…I think I got some statues for it…I think I can do it,' referring to his Best Picture and Best Director Academy Awards for 1995's Braveheart.

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SouthClaw2135d ago

I think it's good to see him making a come back now. I would really like to see another lethal weapon film to end it all.

NewMonday2135d ago

great director but Mel is blacklisted in Hollywood now, to many enemies, don't think he will get a big job again

boing12135d ago

Oh, I would love to see Mel Gibson directing IM4. Won't happen though.

Mr_cheese2135d ago

People are fickle, money will trump morals and he will end up directing because they want Robert back as im

Crazay2135d ago

I think itd be awesome for Gibson to helm a marvel movie.

-Foxtrot2135d ago

It would be an awesome way to start a new trilogy....if RDJ wants to do another three

I mean they could IM4 then not have the 5th/6th ones untill the far, far future.

Deadpoolio2135d ago

They are going to have problems getting him to even do 1 more let alone 3...He has said quite often that he feels he is getting old and having to wait 4-6 years between films just really makes it hard for him to be willing to continue...At this rate he would be damn near close to 60 if they made 2 more with the way Marvel schedules

RetrospectRealm2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

To be frank, two of the three Iron Man films were only 2 years apart. IM3 was only 3 years after 2.

shammgod2135d ago

I can't wait for iron man 10 and 11. And the reboot. And the rebooted remix reboot of 2 and 3. Hollywood is killing it with the originality!

Deadpoolio2135d ago

Kevin Fiege has already said they wont reboot it without RDJ, he seems to have this notion in his head that Stark is alot like James Bond and that they could just drop in another actor....He has also mentioned the possibility of swapping out Tony Stark for Arno Stark.....

Considering they are also losing Captain America and Hulk soon also they might just be swapping out quite a few people

RetrospectRealm2135d ago

Failed attempt at making fun of how Hollywood makes a lot of reboots when talk of a rebooting Iron Man was in no way mentioned.

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