Paranerds: Simpsorama Review

The Simpsons have been doing a damn-well job at keep us interested in them still. The Simpsons is personally, my favorite show of all time (it has been on the air since I’ve been on this Earth) and although I will admit that a few season (before the movie) has been really bad (looking at you Moe’s Rag episode) but I’ll always love The Simpsons. There’s only one other show that gets really close to my admiration and that show is Futurama, which sadly was cancelled…twice. So The Simpsons got to say their goodbye to Futurama and I couldn’t be happier. ***SPOILERS AHEAD****

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RetrospectRealm2140d ago

Not sure if this needs a Futurama tag since it's actually a Simpsons episode.